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  What is a Home Inspection ?        

At East Kootenay Home Inspections Ltd. ,  our  home

inspections are a non invasive visual examination and professional analysis of the

major systems
of a home.  We will inspect your property or real estate before you build.

We perform our inspections for

-existing homeowners, who want pre listing inspections

-prospective buyers, who want to know more about their major purchase

-third party
agencies, usually lenders or insurance companies 

The major systems we inspect include the

, Exterior, Structure,

Heating, Cooling,

Insulation, Plumbing, and the Interior.

Home inspectors must be knowledgeable about all aspects of

residential building systems
and their operation.

They must be able to recognize and report on non-performance and

potential for failure.

Eric has over 20 years experience as a Journeyman Carpenter

and is a Power Engineer.

He knows how the systems in your home should work, and he knows

the  proper repairs and maintenance for these systems

This knowledge will save you money!

The home specialists at East Kootenay Home Inspections Ltd. will

Describe the systems and the materials of those systems in your home 

Recognize the defects and their implications, including safety concerns

Understand  proper installation and repairs of those

proper terminology

Perform inspections in a manner consistent with the national home inspection 

standards of practice

No House is Perfect

Even brand new homes have warts.

So when you find the right house, you should to go one step
further and find out

what problems exist and what could arise in the future.

Because purchasing a home is probably
the biggest investment someone will ever

make,  it makes good sense to have it inspected
by a professional.

Why have a home inspection performed?

Buying a home can be a source of anxiety for any home buyer. A home inspection is

for buyers who want
to know the true condition of the home.

When selecting a home, you are busy thinking about of 
size, interior layout,

, and other things. 

When you participate in your home inspection, you can learn about the

and components, how they should work and how to spot problems early,

in order to save money down the road.  

Things we think about during inspections

Is there any safety concerns regarding the structure of your home?

Is the roofing material new? Is it wornWill it last?

Does  the furnace / air conditioning need  replacement?
Are there any safety issues with the electrical panel or wiring?

Is there enough insulation in the attic? What type is it?

Is there evidence of water infiltration in the basementWhy is it

leaking and  how do I fix it?

Our reports identify conditions in your home that are, or could

become, big problems.

We recommend proper actions to take and when to take them.

document where to find them in your home, and explain the proper

way to repair them.

Our inspection services include

Infrared Thermal Imaging Scans  $225.00

pre purchase inspections,
new home inspections,
insurance inspections,
commercial building inspections,
home warranty inspections,
individual component inspections,
pre listing inspections, log home Inspection

All inspections include limited infrared scans

for an apartment style condo

for a mobile home or a townhome

$400 for a single family home

to book your inspection       

or phone                      1-877-604-6631 / 250-427-3942

                                   email us here




Hello Eric,

I am so happy with the professional service, the home inspection and
the report that you have written for me regarding my new home purchase
in Kimberley. The thoroughness of your inspection and professional
report, the prompt service of the inspection and the genuine kindness
in our telephone conversations have really supported my decision in
choosing to buy this home in Kimberley. I feel that I may call upon
you at anytime with questions and/or concerns, which you have answered
clearly and confidently with your knowledge, hence I think that I am
in good hands.

Thank you.

Helen Robertson

In April of 2010, I had Eric McKay inspect my home in Marysville, BC.  The house is approximately 75 years old and has more than a few problems.  Eric found some fairly serious electrical problems and a potentially dangerous hole in my chimney, among other things. I found Eric to be professional and courteous, and would not hesitate to hire him in the future.

Greg Olheiser    Marysville BC



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